Friday, September 28, 2007

Dressage Cowboy; a horse-lovers read

I am pleased to announce that, mere days after the release of my first WildRose Press story: ( Dressage Cowboy ) I have somehow fought my way through the googlepuzzle and managed to get back into the blogosphere.
I had successfully signed up ages ago... and leapt back aboard to announce the new release only to find myself tossed overboard. So, a few days late but nonetheless excited:
For horse enthusiasts out there, (or even those who just find that muscular cowboy appealing) may I present "Dressage Cowboy." This short story takes place in a very short span of time; but for any of you that have trotted around the warm-up ring waiting for your class to be called, you understand how interminable that time can be. It can be so much more pleasurable to have, shall we say, a handsome diversion to soothe those competition jitters away.
This is the very first in what I hope will be a 'Horse-lovers series.' The stories will feature many different activities from the riding - and carriage driving - worlds. From reining to three-day eventing, driving that carriage on a marathon course or executing a shoulder-in, this series will put all sorts of different breeds- and all sorts of different people- in the 'show-ring.' I would love feedback on it: if you read it, please do jump in and email me if you have any comments! Drivenwizard1 at (fix that 'at," & no spaces.)
There is nothing like the chink of spurs as that rough-n-ready fellow marches over to give you the good-old-boys' standard greeting...

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