Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Delicious Darkness is Available Now

Delicious Darkness is Available Now.

5 Angels - Fallen Angels Reviews. Reviewer Bella says,

"I thoroughly enjoyed Delicious Darkness. The psychic connection that Audra and Dorian had before they’d even met was fascinating. And once they did meet? Their physical and emotional bonding was electric, with sex so intense; the words fairly sizzled as I read them."

4 Hearts - The Romance Studio. Annie says,

"Delicious Darkness is a short story with intense spiritual and metaphysical overtones, and a high concentration of sizzling sensuality... The ending will gratify readers with its promise of hope. Author KyAnn Waters definitely has proven to be a writer to keep an eye on in future.

5 Roses - Sensual Reads and Reviews. Dakota says,

"Delicious Darkness is a very sexy read. KyAnn Waters draws the reader in from the first page and keeps you scrolling as fast as your eyes can take it in. This story was wonderful, and very, very hot."

5 flutes - Cocktail Reviews. Nutty Nana says,

"A white hot read with characters that meld together nicely, Delicious Darkness is a tale of lust, longing, and magical powers."

Blurb: A fugitive from a dark dimension, Dorian Hunt seeks a total bonding. Like a vampire needs blood or a werewolf needs the moon, Dorian needs to anchor himself to a woman of white light in order to survive. Without the mating, within one lunar cycle his might and magic would cease to protect him.
Audra Quinn has always been afraid of the dark. As an empath, she knows when Dorian enters her small metaphysical bookstore, he is the man who can help her realize her true potential as a woman of white light.

Bounty hunters from his dimension are lurking in the shadows, waiting for their opportunity to capture him, dead or alive. Dorian knows he will be easier to manage dead. Will Dorian have the strength to defend, or does it take the magic of a woman of white light to annihilate the evil darkness?

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