Monday, March 24, 2008

Rank Tracer - Are You Using It?

If you have a print book for sale on Amazon, you probably know about your Amazon sales ranking. In fact, you might even be a little obsessed by it! It's that number that every product has, which falls somewhere between 1 (if you're Nora Roberts) and 2,000,000 (if your book just went up and no one's had a chance to buy it yet).

The lower the number, the better your sales are. Besides giving you a rough idea of what your sales might be, it can also show you if a particular marketing/advertising strategy has worked. See your number go down one day? Did you just place a banner ad on a well-known site? Or do an interview, or a reading somewhere?

Is you don't have time to constantly check your rank, though, here's a site you might find useful. I stumbled upon it over the weekend and am impressed with what I see so far. RankTracer will trace any number of products for you, and create daily/weekly/monthly charts that show your sales ups and downs. They'll also include estimated sales, based on your rank number. Just a bit of an easier way to keep track of your sales and marketing efforts, I think.

Plus their customer service is awesome. It costs only $2/month per product to trace, but if you blog about them or put a link on your website, they'll start you off with a couple of months free. Check it out - I'm liking it so far!

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