Monday, February 09, 2009

My new story: Taking Advantage

I now have a cover for my new Vintage Rose story, Taking Advantage. The setting is high school in 1949. Zack and Gloria are seniors and Zack has been in love with her since she came from a nearby Junior High school but he's afraid to tell her. She's been basketball queen for four years now and her mother thinks she should only date the sports figures in school. Zack couldn't make any of the teams. Zack's own feeling of inadequacy, Gloria's strict mother and the three arrogant jocks stand in his way.

As soon as I get a release date I'll pass that along and include an excerpt. Thanks to Nicola for the nice cover and Nan for editing this story.


Rebecca J. Clark said...

What an awesome cover. Your book sounds like something my daughter would like to read. I'll watch for the release date.


Larry Hammersley said...

Hi Becky: Thanks for your comments on my upcoming story. I really enjoyed writing this story. Set in 1949 I was actually in grade school but this story has the main characters in high school. Larry