Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And the EPPIE Goes To...

Congratulations, Lynnette Baughman, winner of the contemporary romance category for 2009!

She doesn't remember that the handsome Montana rancher was once a poor cowboy who loved her. He can't forget that she left him and never looked back.

Mandy McCay's life as a Hollywood starlet ended with a bullet from a deranged fan. Miraculously, she recovers, learns to walk and speak, but there are gaps in her memory. Important gaps. The years her face and figure were splashed across tabloid pages are easy. But what happened the summer before she left Montana?

Like everyone in Mandy's home town, Campbell West followed her medical miracle on TV. He's not prepared for her to come home more beautiful than ever, or for the sudden new attraction between them. At least, Mandy thinks it's new. Cam--God help him!-- remembers every inch of her body! When should he tell her of their passionate love, her betrayal, and his pain? Or can he risk forgetting it all--and hoping she'll never remember?

Your proud editor "hearts" you!


Lauri said...

Congrats, Lynnette!

Pam P said...

Congratulations, Lynette!