Monday, October 20, 2014

Haunted Garden: A Halloween Carving-Win a Book of your choice

Trick or Treat this Halloween with The Wild Rose Press

Amazon Best Seller Jess Russell, author of The Dressmaker's Duke carved these amazing pumpkins for our Haunted Garden.

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The these beautiful TWRP garden pumpkins!

To learn more about Jess Russell and the Dressmaker's Duke, click here.

Rhys Merrick, Duke of Roydan, is determined to be the antitheses of his depraved father, repressing his desires so severely he is dubbed "the Monk" by Society.  But when Olivia Weston turns up demanding payment for gowns ordered by his former mistress, Rhys is totally flummoxed and inexplicably smitten.  He pays her to remove her from his house, and mind.  But logic be damned, he must have this fiercely independent woman.

Olivia's greatest fear is becoming a kept woman.  She has escaped the role of mistress once and vows never to be owned by any man.  Rather than make money in the boudoir, she chooses to clothe the women who do.  But when a fire nearly kills her friend and business partner, Olivia's world goes up in smoke and she is forced to barter with the lofty duke.
As their lives weave together, Olivia unravels the man underneath the Monk, while Rhys desires to expose the lady hiding behind the dressmaker. Will his raw passion fan a long-buried ember of hope within her? Can this mismatched pair be the perfect fit?

Do you love to carve pumpkins? Have a fun haunted Halloween tradition? leave a comment for a chance to win your choice of book from the Wild Rose Press.


Miriam Smith said...

Actually... I'm kind of a hazard with knives so my husband does all the carving, lol. He's done cats, ghosts, creep screaming monster face thing, and whatever the kids feel like making him carve. A tradition? It's mine, lol, and my family hates it. I hide ALL the candy from trick-or-treating. Given the chance, they'd eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Donna Flint said...

Ya, they don't let me have knives much either. Hot Nerd Hubby will cut mine up for me if I need one done. One year, he did one of the elaborate ones and was so proud of how it turned out, he put it on top of our big screen TV. Big screen TVs get HOT. The pumpkin cooked and dripped down into the back of the TV. Needless to say, he had to find a repair man after that.

Angelia Almos said...

I always want to do one of those intricate carved pumpkins, but end up with the typical Jack O Lantern. Carving is not in my list of skills.

DarleneLF said...

I'm not an expert pumpkin carver like Jess...she did awesome WRP carvings, but my daughter and I like to be creative. One year, we carved typical pumpkin faces and then covered the rest of the pumpkins in sparkles. Looks really cool when a candle is lit inside.

Melissa Snark said...

Pumpkin carving terrifies me. I'm always afraid the knife will slip and There Will Be Blood.

The Wild Rose Press said...

Congrats Donna Flint You have won the digital download of your choice from The Wild Rose Press. email to receive your book.