Thursday, October 02, 2014

THOSE BAD, BAD BOYS by Rolynn Anderson

I’m a failed feminist.  Okay, that might be too harsh.  Maybe “Embarrassed Feminist,” is a kinder appellation.  Here I’ve written fifteen plus novels (soon to publish my fifth), and I haven’t crafted a female villain until FAINT, my third-in-a-series novel about a boutique funeral planner.

How did this happen?  What does it mean?  Is it ‘natural’ to create male villains or do I build bad guys because I’m a female?

This may be one of the problems with being a pantser as a writer.  My greatest joy is popping up in the morning, brewing a cup of coffee, sitting down to the computer and typing away.  I have no idea where my story is going until I write it.   Forget plans, outlines and advanced plotting.  Excitement for me comes with the surprises in store for me every time I write.

I didn’t set out to focus on bad boys, but I did.  How about you?  What percentage of your nasty characters are male?

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