Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Night in the Life of Elle, Demon Hunter

My Hell On Heels Series surprised even me as I was writing it. All of these characters came out of seemingly nowhere and filled my head with their faces, their distinct voices, and personalities. My first nocturnal visitor as I lay in bed at night, searching for inspiration was my demon hunter heroine, Elle Connor. The Force was strong with this one, as she kept popping up in my mind and dragging me out of bed at 2am on some nights to, not only tell her story, but get it right. I thought an interview with her would be a perfect touch since she's mouthy, anyway. Without further ado....

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Elle: ::laughing:: My first thought when you asked me this was Jerry Springer or some other trash tv and caramel covered chocolate drops. Or bon bons. I think you probably want some really deep answer, but it's simple, really. Some nights, I want to quickly slash heads off of every demon I can hunt and come home to rest in old sweat pants. Other nights, I like to take my sweet time with the kill, putting fear into the demons with vicious  hand-to-hand combat before that final moment of annihilation with my sharp dagger. All nights, I want a good, strong man to come home to.  That's as perfect a happiness as I believe I can expect in this life.

What are you current thoughts on life, love and hunting?

Elle: ::wrinkling her nose delicately:: Can I leave out the love part? I don't have time to be in love or even wish for it. My biggest problem right now is Patrick Holt, who's a hybrid angel I've been paired with by Tagas, my guardian angel. Patrick's dark humor speaks to me, at times, but I'm still annoyed by the fact that we're a team for now. He knows just how to needle me and then turn around and make me laugh. I don't know if I'm more annoyed with him or myself for liking him just a little.  I do admire that he knows how to hunt - I'm good but he's superior. My life is all about the hunt right now and I'm not sure that I'm really comfortable exploring that dark part of myself with a pair buddy. Especially Patrick because he sometimes sees too much of my private thoughts.

If you were to die and come back as any other living person or thing, who or what would you be?

Elle: ::smiling:: Without a second thought, I would live out my new life as a mermaid. I imagine myself drifting on the waves, arms outstretched to bask in the warm ways of the sun. I would dive deep below the surface to swim with the fishes and scold the sharks trying to make a meal out of them. There may even be a hot sailor, who accidentally catches me in his net. I envision that he would be stunned and wouldn't know what to do with me until I kiss him. Then, he would never want to let me go.  ::sighing:: The only problem with my fantasy is that I guess I couldn't wear my favorite black stiletto boots. Man, those things are well broken in but I'll never part with them. Ever.

~Thanks to Elle for talking with me today!

Be on the lookout for #2 in my Hell On Heels Series, a novella entitled "Dark Deliverance", which invites you even more deeply into Elle's world and read all about the complicated team of Elle and Patrick. "Dark Deliverance" will release on July 27, 2016 and #1 in the series, "Heart of a Hunter" is now available. Thanks to my readers for your glowing praise about the series. Happy Reading and Creating!

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