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July Newsletter from Sandra Masters

Hello Readers and Fans:
Continuing on with our Bonus Materials which never made it to the final novel, there are characters, scenes, chapters, and dialogue that were delegated to the cutting room floor for various good reasons. Such was the case with ONCE UPON a DUKE, my debut Regency novel with an element of suspense.
Cutting to the chase for those who may not have read this romance:  Serena, an artist and widow, has no desire for another husband. When she meets Geoffrey Austen, attraction sizzles to a scorch. Stolen days and nights ignite forbidden passion. Geoffrey asks Serena to become his mistress, but she wants commitment, love and marriage, not an affair with a notorious rake.
Geoffrey realizes Serena might be the one woman who can care for his tortured soul, and maybe release his demons. The magic they shared is shattered when he learns she’s been forced into betrothal with another and held captive. He vows to save her even at the cost of his own life.
Gallantly, and at the risk of his life and that of his covert intelligence companions, he saves her from a horrific marriage. In the end, the evil betrothed is killed in a fair sword fight. Serena and Geoffrey marry and the story ends with their marriage in the novel. It’s a happily-ever-after experience.
Name: Sheba           Name: Solomon               Name: Adonis          http://www.authorsandramasters.com/assets/Art_1812.jpg
Serena’s Horse, Sheba      Geoffrey’s Horse, Solomon           Adonis, the puppy            Serena, the Artist
The villainous brother who literally “sold” her to Lord LeBran, the disavowed fiancĂ©, for mutual political reasons, is arrested by Scotland Yard and exiled from England forever. This means the couple need not worry about repercussions, because as you know, women had little rights in 1817.
If you’re curious,  my ‘scrapped’ last chapters, has the duke and his new duchess, along with guards, after their nuptial, pay a visit to her brother, Sir Henry, Minister of Defence, who was unaware of the current circumstances, and behaved in his usual arrogant controlling manner to our duke. His Grace, Duke of Sutton, our Geoffrey, is asked by Henry, “What are you doing here?” Geoffrey smiles widely and answers, “I’d like to introduce my new wife, the Duchess of Sutton.” Her grace remains in the foyer. The duke strides to the door and asks his wife to come into the room. When Sir Henry sees that it’s his sister, he’s ready to strike her, but of course, Geoffrey steps in front of him. Her brother’s unkind words unhinge Serena. With a nod of his head to one of the guards, his duchess is escorted out of the room.  Geoffrey approaches her brother, declares she is under his protection, and pummels the man bloody for his malice and mistreatment. With a curt command to her brother never to enter their lives again, he turns on his heel, and joins Serena. They leave and justice is served. It’s another happily-ever-after emotionally satisfying ending.
 Square Piano by T. Butcher, London 1817                  http://www.authorsandramasters.com/assets/Necklace.jpg              http://www.authorsandramasters.com/assets/old-key.jpg                                 http://www.authorsandramasters.com/assets/Tea_Cup.jpg
      Serena's Pianoforte                A gift from Geoffrey     The key to the Fortress doors      Time to read and relax

I mention this because as an author, I want my readers to experience the emotion, intrigue, suspense, fear of the future, and the ultimate satisfaction in finding love despite all odds. Some reviewers wanted the final retribution against Serena’s brother in more detail, rather than in a one-sentence dismissal. It was a learning lesson for me, and I’d like to think that I’ve come a long way since then.
Enjoy the read. I welcome all comments at sanrdramastersauthor@gmail.com. You may subscribe to my newsletter at: http://authorsandramasters.com.
Sandra Masters, Unapologetic Story Teller
P.S. You might ask why I use the term Unapologetic Story Teller. In some venues, Story Tellers are not considered, for lack of a better word, legitimate authors. I believe in Fairy Tales, so you may think of me as a rebel author with a cause--and that is, I read and write all genres of romance. ♥
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Here’s a virtual toast to all romance readers everywhere. Ciao.

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