Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME by Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

In Shakespeare’s ROMEO & JULIET, there is a famous phrase that goes something like this: “Would a rose, by any other name, still smell as sweet?”
Probably . . . but would it sound as sweet should a rose be called, for example: “a dweeb”, or “a futon”, or “a blooper?”
I doubt it.
Obviously, plenty.
And here begins the “spicing” of words that make a story that more appetizing to read. As an author writing the romance genre, I’ve found sweet-sounding words or SYNONYMS enhance the story, THUS putting the reader into a far more enchanting mood . . . which is exactly the mood I am trying to create.

Tresses instead of Hair . . . Locks, Wisps, and Tendrils are also appetizing.
Orbs instead of Eyes.
Embrace instead of Hug . . . Envelope and Wrap Affectionately Within, also heightens a mood.
Ardor or Passion instead of Love.
Musings or Mind’s Eye instead of Thinking and Thoughts.
Gaze or Glance instead of Look.
Glare instead of Stare.
Furrowed Brows instead of Frown.
Conveyance instead of Carriage.
Convict or Felon instead of Prisoner.

Get the idea?

A fantastic book to have as a part of your writing tools is a Thesaurus.
This tomb is brimming with spicy words.

Happy Writing – or should I say instead – Gleeful Etchings

Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

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