Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Woman of Spirit by Kate loveday

This is Redwoods, the house in #Bulahdelah in #Australia that Kitty comes to as a bride. The landscape is nothing like she knew back in England... Situated on the #Myall River, and close to the Myall Lakes, it is a picturesque setting. Behind the house, the mountain looms, a benign giant watching over its realm.

The house stands slightly up a hill, above the river. Late afternoon sun through the trees dapples the shingle roof and highlights the posts on the wide verandah across the front.
The verandah continues around both sides of the house, and vines twine up the verandah posts, dripping pendulous purple flowers in summer, when flowers will also bloom in the garden at the front, forming a riot of color. A low fence surrounds it all.

The marriage is not a love match for Kitty, but she enters it with high hopes of finding security and contentment, and settles, somewhat uneasily, into a domestic lifestyle different to any she has known. She finds the food can be different, too, with roast wallaby often featuring on the menu.

But, despite her intentions of making a success of her marriage, can she forget Rufe, the dashing and charismatic colonial who has stolen her heart? How can she bear to share her marriage bed with the clumsy and self-satisfied William when all the while she wishes it was Rufe loving her?

Kate Loveday
Australian author

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