Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A New Way To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Halloween has been designated as the official Wild Rose Press Editor Appreciation Day, BUT ...

What could be more appropriate than a day full of red velvet roses, deep dark chocolate and loads of LOVE to give special recognition to the editors (authors & readers too) who devote their lives to celebrating romance?!

So Happy Valentine's Day to the significant others who make our hearts beat in a strong and steady rhythm of love.

Happy, Happy Unofficial Romance Editor/Author/Reader Appreciation Day to all ... especially Roseann Armstrong, Senior Editor of Champagne Rose!

Susanne Rose "Lucki In Love," a Wild Rose Press Champagne Rosette "The Christmas Promise," a Wild Rose Press Champagne Rosette
Keep the spirit of the holidays going strong and take advantage of this bonus offer: Just send an e-mail to the author ( with "The Christmas Promise" in the Subject Line. You'll have to read the story first so you can identify the secret recipe when you send your e-mail. Santa will send you a copy of the secret recipe. "Forever Love," a Wild Rose Press Champagne Rosette

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