Monday, February 26, 2007

Newsletters - do you have one?

I've been working on a newsletter to announce my upcoming print release. I looked at some of the newesletters from other writers and came up with a short list of pertinent info.

You need to mention right up front the most important thing - whether its a new contract, a contest, a new release, or a booksigning. Make sure people know how to buy the book! You need to let everyone know where to find you - your appearances in person and online. You should have something tantalizing about the story or about how you write.

Other elements you might wish to include are what you're working on now. For my first newsletter, I wanted to ask people to spread the word, so I enlisted them all to help with marketing.

Also, its useful to have the tone and physical appearance of the newsletter reflect your personality. I wanted something light and easy to read with lots of bright colors.

If you'd like a copy of my first newsletter, email me at and I'll send one to you. I'm mailing the bulk of them out via email so that the hyperlinks will take people to online sites, but I also have a few to mail out snail mail for the folks who don't use the internet.

Best Wishes!! Maggie Toussaint

House of Lies, romantic supsense, ISBN 1601540310


Lyn said...

Good advice there Maggie, thanks. I'll have to start working on one of my own. (By the way, thanks for your comment on my entry, I've answered it below)


Sara Freeze said...

More great advice- thanks Maggie! I initially started just a regular Yahoo group but then changed my mind the next day. I think newsletters may be more effective regarding marketing and promotion, though it's hard to tell since I'm so new to the game.