Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's Day is a-coming!

Valentine's Day. A time for cards. For flowers. For chocolates. And for books. Why not send your Mom an e-book this year? It will take her mind off of the solitaire, bridge, and freecell she's playing on the computer!
Anyone have an amusing story for Valentine's Day? Here's mine. Some years back, my husband and I were looking at lawn tractors on Valentine's Day. While some may not think this was romantic, we wanted one heavy duty enough for a snow blade, and they sometimes go on sale in February. Anyway, due to the cold winter temperatures, my wedding ring slipped off, unnoticed. Back at the car, I noticed it was missing. And then I got all weepy and distraught. My husband combed the car, the snowy parking lot, and the store, until we found it on the deck of a tractor we'd climbed all over. We were so relieved and happy we went out for ice cream. Never did get that tractor, but the ring - I still treasure it.
Maggie Toussaint
House of Lies, ISBN 1601540310

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