Monday, February 19, 2007

The promise of springtime

Am I a supple stem, flush with new growth, or am I a brittle remnant of last year's heyday? That's what I'm thinking about as I look out my window today. Long supple strands of pampas grass out there in my setting of coastal Georgia, but many of you in the north have the delight of ice and snow.

Winter is drawing to a close, and with it comes the promise of spring. What will spring bring for you? A bountiful season of sowing new stories? A look back at past bountiful harvests?

For me, spring is a wonderful time of awakening. Just like our romances have black moments, our ardous winters prepare us for the glory of spring, and, I hope, many wonderful new and exciting stories at The Wild Rose Press.
Be sure and check out my House of Lies. Here's a recent reveiw: "Sparks fly as two well-crafted characters tangle with a crafty villain in House of Lies. Maggie Toussaint is an author to watch!" --Tracy Montoya, Harlequin Intrigue author.

Maggie Toussaint

House of Lies, romantic suspense, ISBN 1601540310

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Lyn said...

Hi Sonja

Some really good tips here. I'll hopefully pluck up courage to post an introduction myelf in a while. Thanks for sharing this advice - I especially agree with 'writing for oneself' I tried to write 'to a formula for a market' once and the result was souless!