Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Frog Prince & Contest

I've been having weeks of troubles of one sort of another...the painter dilemma is nearly over with, I go out to mow and the lawn tractor isn't working. So what's new? I call the guy who fixes them for us, and of course my mother's and three others are ahead of mine.
In the middle of the night someone's in my bedroom, bumping around. The only one I can think of that might be making the racket, is my standard poodle, but she's been missing for going on three weeks now.

Not good. So I flip on my light switch and hope it's not a housebreaker, noisy one at that. Nope, it's my frog prince.

Actually a toad, but whoever heard of a toad prince? I'm afraid the way my luck is going lately, kissing a toad to turn him into a prince was not on the agenda. With my luck, he wouldn't turn into a handsome hunky prince, but I'd end up with warts on my lips. Call me a pessimist.

Or a realist. :)

Pucker up! Your dream love is only a kiss away. I took the coward's way out and cornered him into a wastepaper basket, then moved him outside, watching while my little horny toad hopped into the dark.

It's okay. He'll take care of a lot of bugs, and hopefully won't dig up my elephant ears. I doubt if I turned him into a prince, he'd be able to fix my mower anyway. See, I'm a realist....princes don't take out the trash either.

One other thing--the big letter "C" that appeared on my son's wall and I couldn't eliminate no matter how many times I painted over it--vanished.

Spooky music playing here.

Oh, and my mother just informed me the big head of Amazon, at least that's who she thinks he is, listed five books to read this summer on the big time news, but Heart of the Wolf wasn't on it. Thanks, Mom, I needed to know that. :)

So I toast to horny toad princes and vanishing letters that appear and disappear without reason and go back to the real world--writing Allure of the Wolf.....

Also, I'm guest blogging at Deadly Vixens today--check it out for a chance to win a free e-copy of The Vampire...In My Dreams or Winning the Highlander's Heart.

Terry Spear
Deidre's Secret, Relative Danger


Devon Gray said...

Sounds like a comdedy of errors! One thing after another. I'm glad you have a good sense of humor about it and aren't grossed out by frogs (toads)!

Beth Trissel said...

I enjoyed your post, Terry. Your wit and way with words, and the frog prince is wonderful. I love little hoppy toads and frogs, though not in my bedroom.

Celia Yeary said...

Very funny, Terry! But where're you from, sweetie? Not from Texas? I had to stop and think, is she dealing with a "horny" toad,(Oh, lord, I hope this doesn't get on Google with my name attached)or a 'horny toad', which is an almost extinct lizard with little horns on it's body. When I was a child growning up in West Texas, horny toads were everywhere, and my little sister and I captured them, and gave them a home and bed of sand in a shoebox. they're rare, now. And by the way, I also heard a thumping in my bedroom, but the sound came through the wall which connects to the garage. Yep, a big fat toad in the corner, those long, strong legs hitting the wall. Poor thing was trapped, so, too rescued him-with a dust pan and broom. Celia Yeary