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I often wonder why we fantasize. Is it our brain's way of stimulating our consciousness to make us aware of our deep rooted desires? While trying to think of a blog topic for Fantasy Pages, my mind kept coming back to the blog's title~ FANTASY. Fantasy lovers, fantasy jobs, fantasy--well, you get the idea. The list could go on and on…

And then my mind turned another degree and I wondered about the fantasies I wove into my book, THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION. My heroine Nurse Faith Daniels is obsessed with Godiva Chocolate. Well, anything chocolate will do, but Godiva is her favorite. Fortunately for her, my hero Dr. Stone Lassiter was born with brown eyes. Here's a chapter one excerpt that begins Faith's fantasy of the delectable Dr. Lassiter:

Faith's thoughts drifted back to Dr. Lassiter. An image of his hard, chocolate brown eyes rose before her. What would it be like to melt that chocolate? Faith shivered.

And from chapter three…

Her earlier thought returned. What would it be like to melt that chocolate? Too bad she didn't even own a fondu pot.

Just from those brief lines, the reader gets some really good insight into what this woman really desires deep inside. What happens when she acts on that fantasy? Well, you'll have to read to find out.

But what about my hero? What does the uptight Dr. Lassiter fantasize about? Well, Faith of course! Here's an excerpt from chapter nine that gives you a clue:

The breeze ruffled a few strands of pale blonde hair around her forehead. She pushed them out of her eyes, and he stared at the bow bobbing right between her breasts. Gaze lifting to the swell of her cleavage exposed by the deep neckline of the red blouse she wore, he bit back a groan.

Ever since she'd walked into her living room this morning, he'd had an itch to tug on the bow and un-wrap her like a Christmas present.

Stone only has one thing on his mind~sex. The tension he's feeling is palpable and by the end of the chapter he knows he's in big trouble where this woman is concerned.

As I read romance, I want to be completely lost in the fantasy of the world the author has built for me to delve into. It is one way that I can relieve my stress and leave my worries behind, if only for an hour or two. Which is another great reason for fantasizing.

Have you ever lived one of your fantasies? You know what I mean. Have you added a little spice to your romantic relationships? Ever dreamed of sky diving and then took that plunge? Attained the unattainable? I've always wondered about that. If you did, was the experience everything you'd expected? Was the sex hotter? Or did it grow cold? Did you jump from that plane or off that cliff only to fall flat?

There is that old saying, "be careful what you wish for…" I'm not much of a risk taker, so I'll just live my fantasies through my characters. But what about you?

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