Monday, June 30, 2008

Christmas in July 186+ prizes to win

Bored with the hot days of summer? Wishing for the good cheer and fun of the holidays? Then come join the fun! Each day, during the month of July, Anna Kathryn and friends will pick a winner from each of their blogs. All you need to do is visit the blogs and leave a message. With six participating author’s, you have a chance to win 186 prizes throughout the month.

Anna Kathryn

Skhye Moncrief

Sky Purington

Kyann Water

Tarah Scott

Crystal Atkins

I'll be interviewing more than 12 authors during the month, so stop by and learn about other writers, not just me. Here's the tentative schedule:

Skhye Moncrief July 2
Patti Shenberger July 5
Michele Hart July 6
Stacey Joy Netzel July 8
Sloan Seymour July 9
Meagan Hatfield July10
P. L. Parker July 11
Jannine Corti-Petski July 15
Victoria Trout & Penny West July 17
Margaret Tanner July 19
Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter July 20
Anna Marie Norvack July 23
Renee Knowles July 25
Ginger Simpson July 27
Lily Stone July 29
Phyllis Campbell July 30

For more information and links to the blogs - viist my website and click on 'contest' page.

~ Anna Kathryn

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