Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Enchanted Summer is now out & I'm guest blogging at Marianne Arkin's blog.

I'm so giddy that the wait is over and now is finally out and available here. I adore Tristan and Deana and decided to run a little contest to go along with the release. I'm always interested in comments and reviews on my work so ... I'm running a review contest. All you have to do is purchase One Enchanted Summer, e-mail me @ dana @ (but remove the spaces) a review by July 25th, and the one I like the best I'll choose as the winner. The winner will recieve an enchanted summer fun pack filled with toys and goodies to make your summer fun ;-).

In honor of my release date, I'm also guest blogging at Marianne's Arkin's site. Hope you'll drop by :-).

And congrats to all the other talented authors at TWRP who share a release date with me. I look forward to reading your stuff too.


Abbey said...

I'm there. :-) I had the great pleasure to read and critique One Enchanted Summer. It's an awsome story. Tristan's a wonderful hero who's so sweet and sexy. :-) Congrats on your release, hon. :-)

Marguerite Arotin said...

Thanks Abbey :-). You know Tristan's one of my fave's (Sigh!)