Saturday, June 14, 2008

Here it is! MY COVER!

Be still my heart! When I saw my cover I just about fell out of my chair! Love it ... love it ... love it. Thanks Tamra ... again.

Synopsis: Strange dreams plague Ianna Ward as she sleeps, images of war and the vision of smiling aqua eyes that haunt her when she wakes. The feeling that she's forgotten someone is always with her, as are the memories of a love so strong that it filters through time. However, the memories aren't hers - or are they?When a mysterious parcel arrives, the strange contents baffle her, except for the basket hilt sword with the name Regan Shay engraved into the shining blade. Somehow, she knows the sword ... and the name ignites feelings that she has long forgotten.

Spirited away to a time long forgotten and a place that once existed in her dreams, Ianna comes face to face with the sparkling eyes and dimpled smile of Regan Shay. She also learns that her destiny is somehow entwined with his. But is she strong enough to battle an evil queen and save Regan from what the Fates have bestowed upon him?

With the help of unicorns, dragons, and a cheeky Pegusus named Mercury, Ianna fights for the man she was born to love. Is her love powerful enough to change destiny and make Regan hers forever?

Keep an eye out for the release date.


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