Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cover for Lady Of The Stars

I have to show off the gorgeous cover for my upcoming Regency time travel story, Lady of the Stars, a Miniature Rose in the English Tea Rose line.

Lady of the Stars is my first published story, and will make a grand entrance with this stunning cover from Nicola Martinez.

Here's my back cover blurb and an excerpt.

My blurb:

Caroline knew something was wrong the instant she stepped into that unusual gazebo with two doors. But when a man she never thought to see again appeared outside, she flung caution aside and plunged through the back door, crashing into an unknown man--and 1817.

Time travel? Impossible. Richard refused to believe the strange woman's outlandish tale. Still, she's lost and alone, and he helps the stranded wayfarer.

But as attraction blooms between these two lonely people, Richard's family legend grinds to its inexorable conclusion--will it bring them together, or tear them apart forever?

My excerpt:

Caroline followed him into the room she knew was the kitchen and he stepped up to the banked fire.

Fire? Where were the stove and refrigerator? And all the chrome and stainless steel of the ultramodern kitchen she had seen only this morning? This kitchen contained a scarred wood trestle table with several chairs pushed under it. Pots and pans hung on wall racks and reflected the dim firelight. A cupboard stood against the far wall, next to a sink with a pump. A pump?

With shaking hands, she set the lantern on the table and pulled out one of the chairs. She was in trouble, very deep trouble.

As she sank into the chair, she turned her stunned attention to her host.

He turned, and for the first time she fully took in his face. She gasped. Had she seen a ghost through the gazebo's back door? "Richard?"

Puzzlement spread over those chiseled features she now saw only in her memories. "How do you know my name?"

I don’t have a release date yet, so I'll end with--Lady of the Stars, Regency time travel, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.


Linda Banche


Emma Sanders said...

Great cover and excerpt! I've been waiting to use my 10% certificate on something, and this story just may be it. Congratulations on your upcoming release!

Beth Trissel said...

Lovely cover, Linda, and this story is a winner. :)

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Linda,
Congratulations on your release. Gorgeous cover and your story sounds intriquing.
Margaret Tanner

Linda said...

As I read the original post, I should have added that the story also contains humor. Funny Regency time travel--how did I manage a combination like that?

And I have some twists I don't want to give away--the excerpt is one. Another is where the title comes from. Astronomy is involved, hence the telescope, but the name "Lady of the Stars" has a different source, which I reveal in the last chapter.