Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Come share an adventure with me

I haven't posted here for a while so I thought I'd show you my latest offering to The Wild Rose Press, my Faery Rose, Jewels of the Sun. Currently in galley, I'm eagerly awaiting release dates for both Jewels of the Sun and my first book, Illusions of Destiny, another Faery Rose.

Blurb for Jewels of the Sun:

Born on the mysterious island of Ambrosia and whisked away to mainland Australia when only a few days old, Selena Lewis grows up hearing tales of unimaginable treasures and a floating island, trapped in the nineteenth century, which only appears every 25 years.

Now, the island has returned and Selena is determined to prove to the treasure hunting community that the island exists, as does the treasure. Kidnapped and blindfolded, she's held hostage by virile pirate captain, Saxon Ambrose, who piques her curiosity both sexually and emotionally.

Drawn into the very depths of Ambrosia, Selena finds the Jewels of the Sun, the diamond pillars that allow the island to survive, and the treasure she's waited all her life to find. However, the Jewels are dying, and so is Ambrosia. Her love for Saxon is the key but is it stronger than her struggle for treasure hunting fame? In the end, will love conquer all?

Excerpt for Jewels of the Sun:

Saxon stood and watched the woman, his eyebrows raised. She’s going to kill herself! “What are you doing?” he questioned. His amusement increased as he watched her trip on the step leading to the bed and land, arms and legs sprawled, on the crumpled blankets. He shook his head, bewildered, and studied her for a moment before a wicked grin spread across his face. “If you insist, I’d love to join you in bed.”

“No!” the woman cried, bolting upright. “Stay away!” She practically pounced to her knees, tugging the shirt down to cover her legs with one hand. The other hand shot out in front of her in a stop signal. “What do you want?”

Saxon thought about the question for a moment, all the time stroking his beard. He eyed the vixen admiringly, especially her long, shapely legs. If only she knew what he really wanted! “I want to sleep in my bed,” he finally replied, deciding to keep the conversation light. He felt it too soon to start with demands of the flesh, although he found her very tempting.

“Where will I sleep?”

Taken aback by her demanding tone, he could do nothing but stare at her. “Are you making demands?” he questioned, ensuring his voice held the hint of a warning. He saw the woman literally stop breathing, and her bottom lip lowered a little. He almost heard her mind struggling to find an answer that would get her out of trouble.


“I’m relieved you weren’t giving me orders, Miss Lewis, otherwise you’d be flogged for insubordination.”

She bit her bottom lip. Saxon watched her closely, ready to pounce on her if she decided to run again. “So,” she began, keeping her voice light, “where do I sleep?”

“Right here... next to me."

I KNOW you'll all LOVE it! The hero's just scrumptious!

Kiss Carson


Hywela Lyn said...

Sounds wonderful, Kiss, and the cover is so sunny and just beautiful.

Mary Ricksen said...

Twenty Five years, well maybe I can go in my next lifetime.
But when I read your book I can at least pretend to be there.
This sounds like a great read!

Bess McBride said...

What a fabulous cover, Kiss!

Bess McBride