Monday, November 24, 2008

The Enchanted Faerie is here

The Romance Spinners are delighted to announce the arrival of The Enchanted Faerie.

To celebrate the launch of this anthology, the Romance Spinners have created a free companion ebook, full of recipes, excerpts, bios and strange tales. Download it here.

In 1678, six maidens seek happiness, love, and passion in the Highlands of Scotland. A land where myth and truth have no borders, where good shares a bed with evil, where spells can be made, and even broken.
Gypsy, Alishandra Orona, has the power and the magic to unleash their wildest dreams. But the price is high, if not nigh impossible.

Fall in love with the mystique, magic, and the forbidden in the world of The Enchanted Faerie.

The Securement Of Greggie Donald by Zara Penney
Playing to Win by E.J. McKenna
As Good As Gold by Heidi Kneale
The Strongest Magic by Judy Bagshaw
Night Of The Gray Sky by Lea Schizas
Beltane Faerie Of Fate by Holly Greenfield


Linda Banche said...

I love historical romances of any kind. Historical magic sounds great.

Ebony McKenna. said...

Well Linda, I hope our anthology fits the bill.