Thursday, December 04, 2008

Me, Again, Stalking My Books

Okay, this one link floored me. I came across this one bored tonight. It shocked me most at the thouth that some deluded individual just might buy my book at this price.

32 bucks for a book that hasn't even came out in print yet? Are you serious?!! What's more astounding is that some poor sap will probably buy my book at this price. Listen, AMAZON, for goodness sakes even BARNES AND NOBLE will get you a cheaper price than this. I'm not that big of a writer for anyone to shell out more than the given price for my books. Seriously, if you are that hard up just write me and tell me how much you love me I will purchase the damn book for you. If it means printing out a hard copy and signing that's what I'll do, but DAMN folks. 32 bucks?!!! That's insane. I wouldn't shell that out for a Jenny Crusie. And I love JENNY CRUSIE. I heart that woman. I would be the first in line once she writes a stand alone novel. I would be that weirdo who will drag her kids out in the cold for her next stand alone novel likes it a Star Trek convention.

Well, that is all I wanted to expound about today. Nothing to see here folks.

~Melissa Blue and I'm out~


Hywela Lyn said...

Thanks for pointing this out Melissa. Just out of interest I did a 'search' for my book 'Starquest' and guess what - it's also for sale at a highly inflated price.

Is this legal I wonder? Like you I will happily autograph a copy and send it by Air Mail to the States for a lot less than the price these people charge. It's a rip off for the readers at a time when most people are cash strapped anyway.

Skhye said...

Melissa, I saw one of my paperbacks listed for $97 at amazon through their alternative sellers. LOL. It was regular price $12.99 on the SAME page. Nuts. ;)