Friday, December 19, 2008

Signed another contract! Yay!

I have just signed the contracts with The Wild Rose Press for them to publish my romantic comedy, Hooked On You.
This is the first romantic comedy I've written. So I'm pleased it found a home. This will be my 10th novel published!

Rough pre-published blurb:
Ever been in love with your boss?
It stinks. Don’t do it, ever!
Katie Edwards is 28 and single and living the life, that is until a few incidents occur which changes things. Hooked On You is about her adventure in finding true love and all that.
After leaving a leech of a boss, who enjoyed putting the personal in personal assistant, her best friend in the whole world, Joanna, tells Katie of a job vacancy as a PA at a sports magazine.
She now works for a Mr Liam Kennedy, a sports freak, and she don’t even like sports. She doesn’t go to the gym, or go on skiing holidays and the only time she runs is when chasing a bus, even then she soon stops and waves for a taxi. Her job is to make his life smoother as he travels around trying out new sports equipment, interviewing celebrity athletes, reporting new sport crazes, etc. She’s supposed to book his hotels, find future people or companies to interview, etc, all very boring really and typical PA stuff that she can do with her eyes shut.
Currently, Mr Kennedy is in Cumbria, Northern England. Katie arrives at the hotel and has a fortifying drink in the bar while waiting to meet her new boss. Only, when she does meet him, she finds he’s simply sex on wheels, the kind that model for men’s clothing in catalogues. Yummy!! She’s always wanted to work for a sexy boss, but really, you need to be careful what you wish for, because sexy bosses are a hazard to the heart. Before she could say hello, she’d fallen in lust with him. Great. Terrific start. Mr Kennedy, Liam, is totally drool-worthy, she’s mesmerised and alarmed by her attraction to him.
How could she work in a professional manner when all she wants to do is hop into his bed? Difficult dilemma.

I give out more details about Hooked On You when I get them.

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