Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Want a special date for Christmas?

In the mood for a little Christmas romance? Here's an excerpt from my new Christmas Faery Rose novel available now from The Wild Rose Press - Do You Hear What I Hear? by Teri Wilson. Break out the mistletoe and enjoy:
She looked so beautiful sitting here in his truck with his dog resting on her lap. Her blonde hair spilled over her shoulders and onto the back of the seat. She looked like an angel herself and he thanked God she was right here with him instead of perched on top of someone's Christmas tree. "You did all this last night? Weren't you exhausted?"
She shrugged her shoulders as if it were no big deal. "I was anxious to get it all up. I love Christmas." She turned her gaze from the dog to him, her green eyes as big as saucers. "Oh, no. You're not a Scrooge, are you?"
He couldn't help but laugh at the somber way she said it. "No. I, Chet Wallace, do solemnly swear I am not a Scrooge." He crossed his heart for added emphasis. "I'm merely impressed by your holiday work ethic."
"I don't know… you didn't even know Santa liked champagne." She shook her head and made tsk-tsk noises, all the while still petting Pollock behind his ears.
"I love Christmas, too. Honest." At first he was merely teasing her, enjoying their flirty banter. But then, he was struck with a fantastic idea. He looked once again at the candy canes, the reindeer and the lights surrounding Simone's home and felt his heart leap with joy. Thank you, Santa! "Actually, I can prove it to you."
"Prove what?"

"That I love Christmas." He couldn't stop the smile from dancing on his lips.
"How can you prove something like that?"
"You'll see. Come with me next Saturday night and I'll take you on a special Christmas date." When he asked her for the date, he reached out and touched her cheek. He couldn't help himself. He ran his thumb along the side of her face and felt her shiver beneath his touch.
She didn't say anything at first. Chet had been so sure she would say yes. Being with her all afternoon at the track had seemed so natural. He had never felt so connected to another living soul before. In his heart, he knew she felt the same way. He could see it now – in her eyes, in the way she looked at him and he could feel it in the tingle of her fingers when he held her hand.
But why wasn't she saying anything? Since he first touched her face she hadn't uttered a single word. Still, he left his hand there, unable to tear it away from the smooth porcelain of her cheek.
He could feel the heat of her breath swirling around his fingers. "Yes?"
"I'd love to go on a special Christmas date with you on Saturday." Her lips curved into a soft smile and her eyes seemed to glow with anticipation.
He ached to pull her into his arms and kiss her right here and now. But he couldn't. He wanted their first kiss to be memorable, special. Simone deserved better than a first kiss in the front seat of a pick-up truck. So, instead he ran his thumb gently along the pink flesh of her bottom lip. "Saturday then."

"Yes. Saturday."
Do You Hear What I Hear?, Hoofbeats & Heartstrings Book One by Teri Wilson
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