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Eden's Charms ~ Amazon Exclusive Release Dec, 27th 2013

Eden's Charms ~ Amazon Exclusive Release Dec, 27th 2013 By Jaclyn Tracey

Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you from one of the happiest paranormal romance authors on the planet. My 3rd novel, Eden's Charms, has hit the airways. Or electronic circuit to be politically correct through Kindle, courtesy of The Wild Rose Press and my editor Callielynn Wolfe.

Eden's Charms is the 3rd book in the series, Eden. Her heat level is SPICEY... Feel free to use your imagination as to what that entails, or better yet, order the book and find out for your self :)

Eden's Charms introduces you to Savanah St. James, a little enchantress/anthropologist who unearthed Dracula's lair. She had it all set to be part of a museum exhibit until a few unforeseen things happened.
Savanah is Jovan and Andrè St.James's (Eden's Sins) daughter. Ethan Kitt is the one man on the planet she finds she can't live without, no matter how hard she tries.

Here is an interview the two of them shared. It's a damn shame Barbara Walters missed the opportunity to meet these two characters before she called it quits.

Savanah: Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Savanah St. James.

JT: Hi Savanah. Tell us a little about yourself.

Savanah: Let me see where can I start? I see dead people. (She snorts) No really I do. All day. My entire family, well most of them, are playing post mortem games. The other half are either howling at the full moon or all standing around a cauldron drinking wine and casting spells, which is never a good thing, drinking and casting spells that is. My Aunt Serina, goddess I hope she doesn't read this, can't spell to save her life. Me? I'm into digging up the dead and displaying them. Just got the catch of a lifetime. Found Dracula's lair. Then I lost it. Stolen really, and in the mean time I met the man of my mother's dreams. She didn't bother telling me the nightmares that accompanied him. I have a few special powers. I have the ultimate green thumb. And I can knock you flat on your keister and erase your memory in the blink of an eye. Wanna see?

JT: Seriously no, I have enough trouble with my memory thanks. You sound busy and possibly carry a death wish around. Dracula? His lair?

Savanah: My beloved is the one with the death wish. You'll meet him soon enough. Once he's done primping. He is a cute rogue but he spends more time in the bathroom than I do. As for Drac, we're on a first name basis now. It happens like that. Ya steal something from some insane world renown vamp and the little pest comes and takes a chunk out of you. He is a handsome sod though. Not at all what you'd expect for being so old. Got all his teeth and then some. He's just a bit heartless on occasion, but really, who isn't?

JT: Tell me how you met your hero. What were your first thoughts?

Savanah: Dear goddess, don't let Ethan hear you call him that, a hero. It'll go straight to his head, both for that fact. Ethan and I first met at the airport. He rolled over my toes with his suitcase and never apologized.When our eyes met, he was beautifully arrogant. The 2nd time we met he had some tart and I use the term loosely, on his side and he tried to dump her and pick me up. My father and uncle had some fun at his expense.

JT: And how did that work out?

Savanah: The fool kissed me and I passed out in his arms. He'll never let me live that down. Swooning at his feet. So pathetic on my part. So anyways, the next time I meet him it just gets worse. He's at my home trying to kidnap a baby he thought my Aunt Raven had, but my aunt Raven was not pregnant. From here our would-be romance got put on the back burner. Hell broke out literally. We had vamps dropping in from a century past trying to get vengeance on our family for beheading and de-hearting one of theirs when I was three years old. Crap, did I just let on to my age? Anyway, people hold onto some serious grudges. My exhibit got kiboshed because all of Drac's artifacts were stolen. Serina's mom showed up. She was the one person we cast off the island never wanting to let her back in. In fact my uncle Julian vowed it was her heart for ours, but... when you're the most magical mage in the world and you need some life-saving out of body help, you don't call the Ghost Busters. You call her. Hello Olivia.

JT: I'm intrigued. Tell me, what is the one trait about Ethan you fell head over heels in love with.

Savanah: His sincerity coupled with his humor. He is genuine. He can swing my moods from a chandelier to a pendulum and I'll love him into the next life or two. And did I mention he's seriously the most gorgeous man alive? Blond curly hair, mischievous light green eyes and a tattoo that only I get to see, unless he's caught streaking through the house. He swayed an entire house of haters after the kidnapping debacle to people covering his back including his biggest rival. my mom. The thing is my mom scryed after years, I really won't give up my age, but she was worried I'd never meet Mr. Right. Then Mr. Wrong knocked down our door and here we are... about to go on tour :)

JT: What's the most romantic thing he's done for you?

Savanah: I liked our night in New Orleans. I woke up in his arms after being drugged by Drac in a horse-drawn carriage. I'd never been on a date to a movie theatre before and we went and ate popcorn and made out and then got kicked out, but it was the best night of my life. No, make that the second best night.

JT: What was the first?

Savanah: The night Drac and I met for a drink and exchanged gifts.

JT: If and when Mr. Kitt ever comes out the bathroom what do you think he'd say your favorite past time is?

Savanah: Really? He's a man. He has three thinks that motivate him and not necessarily in any order or at any one given time. Food. Me and you can guess the last one. This book isn't given a SPICEY rating for nothing.

JT: What's one thing you don't see eye to eye on?

Savanah: Love. He won't let me tell him how I feel. Says if I do tell I love him, which I do, something crummy will happen. So instead I find ways to show him. Many ways :)

JT: I'm liking this guy, kidnapper or not. What's the one he said to you that you'll never forget?

Savanah: That he would die saving me. He kept his word. My eyes are misting. I need to go get him out of the bathroom. Excuse me?

Ethan entered the room with a look of concern and leaned into my face.

Ethan: Hi. Why is my lady crying? Did you say something to upset her?

JT: Hi Ethan. No. Savanah and I were talking and she became emotional over your past. She's fine. It's a a pleasure to meet you. In the few seconds I've known you, you're meeting and surpassing all my expectations. Savanah was right.
Ethan sat down, his look a little more relaxed. Almost curious.

Ethan: What did she say?
He bit at his bottom lip with those green eyes gleaming.

JT: You can read about it later. Tell me about yourself.

Ethan: Hmm... Not much to tell really. I believe in Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy and the great pumpkin. I got turned into a werewolf a few years ago and met a vamp who gave me the world but tried to steal my soul. He just so happened to be the one vamp on the planet that Savanah's family executed his son so there was a slight grudge match going on behind the scenes that I knew nothing of until, he sent me on a mission to steal a baby, his grandson, but instead I met a babe. Not quite the same thing is it? I was doing the happy dance. He was stomping to a tune all of his own that put Jack and the beanstalk's grumpy giant to shame when he tossed a hissy fit once he found his beans stolen. From the moment I met Savanah I traded a woman in every port to one woman in my heart. Trouble seems to follow me. What did Savanah say?

JT: That you were a curious boy.

Ethan: Boy?

JT: Sorry, man. What is the first thing you recall when you first laid eyes on Savanah? Was it her remarkable bluish black eyes? Her jet-black curls? Her smile?

Ethan: That my life as I knew it was over. She had a great team and by that I mean---(Ethan produced a grin to melt my heart and cupped under his chest where breasts would be)--But they were covered up by a teeshirt sporting the Evil Empire. I am a die-hard Boston kinda boy. Her and me in a baseball stadium, watch out. The second time I saw her she knocked me flat on my butt, or her father and uncle did. Those three together pack some wicked kryptonite.

JT: What's the one trait about her you adore?

Ethan: Her ability to see the best in a person regardless of their past. Her nonjudgemental compassion. Without I'd be buried in her back yard without a marker. Isn't it amazing how stupid you can be and yet still live? I'd be lost without her.

JT: What's the most romantic thing she's done for you?

Ethan: Died. Gone to hell and back. Literally and figuratively. Made a deal with the devil or as close as one comes to him.

JT: Is there any one thing you love to do together?

Ethan turns a blazing shade of red.
Ethan: She loves to get a hold of my joy stick and see how high she can get us. JT, your jaw dropped. And by joy stick I mean the controls to my plane. You, my dear, had your mind in the gutter. I'm a pilot.
He winked.

JT: I knew that. (I winked back.) Is there any one thing the two of you don't agree on?

Ethan: Dracula. I don't find the mosquito handsome at all. She thinks he's to die for and I hate it when she says that. Petrified she just might.

JT: Is there any one thing she ever said to you that you'll never forget?

Ethan: That we never stood a chance and to forget she ever existed. Lucky for her I have selective hearing :)

Savanah walked back into the room.

JT: I'd like to thank the two of you for your time today. What are you plans from here?

Savanah: I don't know. What do you think Pinky?

Ethan: Well Brain, we got up rather early to do this interview. We should probably go back to bed for a while....
Ethan once again winked at me and then grabbed Savanah's hand and left without another word.

A small snippet from the book, Eden's Charms:

Ethan shifted halfway down the path to the stables thinking he could outsmart, out run, overpower this man. Not happening. Simply put, Ethan had been outdone on all levels. The mold for werewolves was cast from Julian.
From Ethan’s vantage this scenario continued to spiral downhill. Getting dragged by the scruff of his neck to the tack room was the icing on the cake or so he thought until Julian secured him to an old wooden beam with a silver chain, and wrangled a loose muzzle on him. Panic escalated to level orange when Julian dug up as many syringes as he could muster then spread them out on a tattered, dusty horse-hair covered blanket. Nothing aseptic in these urine soaked walls.
“No freaking way you’re poking me with those things.”
“Good to know the wolf has evolved to communication in both life forms.”
Julian winked, but it wasn’t a warm, mischievous blink like the ones Ethan doled out. Ethan realized there and then Julian was probably more of a cold-blooded beast than the Maestro.
Both Jovan and Savanah sneezed in unison when they entered the musty barn. “Here’s the mixture. Who’s it for?” Savanah dabbed her nose with a tissue, searching. “Oh my, I don’t miss this place.”
Recognition of one angelic voice had Ethan crank his large head in the direction of freedom, the sliding stable door.

Taken aback seeing Ethan, she approached him with caution. “We meet again. You got all dolled up for me? Nice coat! I must say you have a definite angle at getting to know people.”
“Yeah, you’ll never forget this will you?” Ethan sat on his haunches and bat his light green puppy eyes at her.
“I don’t think I’ll let you forget it either.” She smirked.
“Savanah! I know your name!”
“Ethan, I’m not Rapunzel. And I sure as hell won’t let my hair down for you.”
Ethan’s nose twitched as he watched Savanah hand her father a glass flask with a bluish concoction gurgling without the need for flames. Steam rose, and sweetened the air with a mixture of juniper, peppermint oil, rue, violets and raspberries.
Savanah passed another flask under Ethan’s nose to which he grimaced. The second flask contained a burnt amber gel. “And yes, it is what you’re thinking. It is my very own sweet and sour sauce.” She didn’t need to read his mind. The look on his face said everything. She ran her fingertips across his blond fur, then rubbed behind his ears.
“Lower sweets—the itch is much lower,” Ethan countered.
Savanah picked up a horsewhip, and cracked it. “Still itch?”
“Woman, I love the way you think.” Ethan growled at her through the muzzle.
Picking up one the syringes her uncle had laid out, she aimed it at his back leg, daring him, without words.
In his sternest tone, André shouted, “Savanah!” She jumped and the syringe went sailing like a dart just missing Ethan.
“That was close.” Savanah bent over and got in his face. “Next time I won’t miss.”
“Hahaha!” Ethan added, sarcasm laced.
“What have I told you about becoming infatuated with creatures we have to put down?”
“Papa!” Her free hand atop her hip, she huffed a giant curl from her view. “Why can’t I keep him? You always kill off the cute ones. Always!” Savanah turned away from Ethan wearing a smile her orthodontist would have appreciated. “I never freakin’ get to have any fun.”
Although this type of teasing him wasn’t a bad way to spend the night. For a brief moment Savanah’s fantasies stole her and the wolf far away from her family where it would be just the two of them, her as Red Riding hood and Ethan, the big bad wolf chasing her, catching her, and devouring her in a completely sensual, erotic frenzy—tongue, teeth, fingers, penis…. The whole nine yards—ah…make that inches and yes, it was bigger than her pinky!
Happy dance time was moments away.
She wanted to make love to him, show him feelings she had no words for, only deep seeded desires. She wanted him to leave her breathless, exhausted under him. She needed his warm flesh against hers hard and fast. Savanah looked at Ethan and for a minute panicked he’d been able to read her mind. She broke out in a cool mist. Crap, I inhaled my own freaking concoction.
Ethan stared at Savanah, tongue flopped over the side of his mouth, with lethal picturesque choppers showing through.
“You’re drooling, Mr. Kitt.” Savanah pointed to his lips. “Quite the set of dents you got there.” The second the words rolled from her lips, she knew somehow he’d take full advantage of the opportunity.
“All the better to eat you with, my dear.” His tail thumped in the dirt and left him in a smutty cloud.
Rancor saturated Jovan’s voice. “Why is that thing still breathing?”
Smothered by her mother’s tenor, Savanah’s saucy dream ended up watered down. Her mother was piping hot.
André answered, “We were waiting for you, Cherié.”
“Hold up a second…” Ethan barked. “Are you really going to kill me?”
Everyone answered a collective, “Yes.”
“If I talk?”
“Yes.” Jovan hissed.
“Probably.” Julian weighed his hands like a balanced scale.
“If I give you names and places?”
“We’ll see.” André.
“What do you want?”
You. Savanah eyed Ethan as if he were a one hundred-eighty pound chunk of eye-candy made to order just for her. Oh! I’m in trouble.
Yes, you are! Ethan’s gaze began with her feet and worked his way very slowly up every delicious, lip-smacking inch of her body, as he took in everything the woman had to offer him. When his eyes rested on hers he smiled, still in the form of a wolf, but he smiled all teeth and tongue. Yeah baby, I’m the big bad wolf, all right. And I am going to eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dessert, however, is on me.

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