Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from the staff of the Wild Rose Press

To all my wonderful roses – thank you for 7 years of fantastic stories, fun and laughs. I wish all of you and yours the merriest of Christmas and a healthy and happy 2014!  To our men and women serving overseas this holiday season and to their families missing them back home, thank you for your sacrifice and your service and may God bless each of you and keep you safe from harm.
Rhonda Penders, Editor-in-Chief

To all the authors and readers of the Wild Rose Press. We wish you the Merriest of Christmases. Have a safe and prosperous New Year. Cheers to an amazing 2014!
Lisa Dawn
Marketing Director 

I am wishing all my authors a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Amanda Barnett
Senior Editor - Faery Rose 

"Though it's a busy time of year, make sure you put a little naughty in your holiday! Merry Christmas!"
 Diana Carlile
Senior Editor - Scarlet Rose

Happy holidays from the Champagne Rose line. May 2014 be your year to shine!
Roseann Armstrong
Senior Editor - Champagne Rose 

My mom and I would sit down together every Christmas and watch the Alistair Sims (1940's) version of A Christmas Carol--our favorite:) With that said, I would like to say "Merry Christmas! and God bless us all, everyone!"
Senior Editor - Black Rose

I can't believe 2014 is upon us. I am happy to say that I have been with TWRP since the beginning, and I love working for them as much as I ever did. Each year, I meet wonderful new authors and discover fabulous new stories. Looking forward to another year of delightful surprises. Hope you all have the best Holiday Season ever and a healthy, happy New Year!
Ally Robertson
Editor - Crimson Line

Wishing all of you and your families the very best this holiday season....Love, laughs and special memories!  "Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing." ~ from the Santa Clause 2.  Never forget that!
Stacy D. Holmes
Senior Editor, Yellow Rose

My favorite Christmas tradition comes on Christmas Eve after we've been to mass and enjoyed a nice family dinner. My two sons, hubby and I gather in our family room  for hot cocoa and dessert, finishing the last chapter of A Christmas Carol-- which we start reading together about a week before Christmas Eve-- and of, course, reading T'was the Night Before Christmas. In that moment I'm able to catch my breath from all the December craziness and it finally feels like Christmas!  Wishing all our TWRP family a peaceful holiday season and a joyous new year!
Nicole D'Arienzo, Managing Editor
Historical Division

On the night of the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, I leave a candle burning until sunrise. May this small light brighten your hearts and shine upon you all through 2014.
Editor - Kinan

Since I have five children and three grandchildren scattered around the country, we've begun our FACETIME electronic Christmas morning tradition. Everyone has some sort of SMART device so we can all see each other on Christmas morning. It is still the same bedlam we experienced in the past with so many children. Now there are more...and we all open presents to Nat King Cole singing "The Christmas Song."
Merry Christmas
Editor - Frances Sevilla

My kids have begun a new Christmas tradition--wrapping gifts so they look like something else. I've gotten a dachshund, a space alien with a gun, and a duck in past years. I sadly don't remember what was in them, but I cherish the time and effort they put into making it special. I hope everyone has a Christmas filled with special memories that go above and beyond any gift.  
Trish Owens, Scarlet Editor

As family draws near, I count my blessings – one of which is being a part of the Wild Rose family.   May this holiday season find you happy and healthy and that 2014 be filled with memorable events!
Lori Graham - Senior Editor, Crimson Rose

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!  Wishing you a productive and prosperous 2014!  Laura Kelly, Editor, Crimson Rose
Laura Kelly Editor Crimson Rose

One of my only traditions for this time of year is to send something to someone who doesn't expect to receive anything, often to some of the brave soldiers who are serving so far away from home.  I wish all of you plenty of wonderful treats and experiences and a 2014 filled with lovely books to read!
New to the Garden Editor-ELF
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