Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not a Creature was Stirring - Maria Imbalzano

Not a Creature was Stirring
Maria Imbalzano

Beginning when our daughters were toddlers, and every year thereafter, we get together with another family who also has two daughters the same ages. for a pre-Christmas celebration. Since we all work and we come together on a week night at our house, I order pizza and salad for dinner from our favorite area restaurant.

After a noisy culinary affair, (which always includes wine) driven by the excitement of Christmas, we move to the family room where the Christmas tree is decorated and lit. so the children could exchange gifts. Then all four girls sit on the couch with our friend in the middle, for a reading of "The NIght Before Christmas."

The girls are now ages 18 - 23 and we still get together every year for dinner, the exhange of gifts, and that all important reading. Recently, I went back to look at the photos over the years, and to my surprise, the girls sit in the same order on the couch as they did when they were young.

One of the best things about this tradition is when I tell my daughters we are getting together for "The Night Before Christmas" dinner, they don't even roll their eyes. It's expected and embraced.

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Liz Flaherty said...

What a great tradition!

Mia Lansford said...

Hello Maria,

Your post made me smile thank you for sharing. Traditions can be a whole heck of a lotta fun especially if you never let them go. Happy Holidays

vicki batman said...

What a wonderful tradition! Sometimes, the simplest ones are truly the most heartfelt. And sitting in the same order on the couch is hilarious. Happy holidays.

Ashantay said...

A lovely practice! And what fun to have photos to look back on. Happy Holiday!

Lilly Gayle said...

Before my father-in-law died in 1997, we noticed that in every Christmas pic from 1980 until then, my husband, his brother, and my sis-in-law all sat on the sofa in the same order every year. Odd, how some things just happen.