Monday, January 29, 2007

Dreams Do Come True

Hi All...I guess I'm the "new kid" on the block...but not new to writing. I've been writing short stories and poems for over 25 years, and October of 2006 my first paranomal romantic suspense, entitled COMA COAST was released. It's sequel, THE VANITY is set to debut August, 2007. To read an excerpt and for purchasing a copy info log on to my personal site at:
I'm a classic example of the phrase "if you work hard enough, your dreams do come true." In 1950 I was born with mild Cerebral Palsey. Then, medical treatments and technology were not what they are today. When my parents sought the doctor's advise on how to help me, they were told to institutionalize me, because I'd never be productive in the community, and to go on and have other children. I am grateful my parents didn't listen, and trusted in the Lord instead. As a Christian I walk to this day with God, using my canes and a wheelchair...and I think of how that doctor could have ruined my many others did he?
I'd like to find him and say..."You said I wouldn't be productive...huh! I have an education, I drive, I'm married...a mother & grandmother, I own my own home, I work, and I'm a published author."
Dreams do come true if you believe them in your heart and work diligently. You can't let others call the shots for your life. Never give up the faith.
The Wild Rose Press has just accepted my romantic fantasy, entitled A RIVER OF ORANGE (no release date yet), and I'm working on several other projects, as well as being an Assistant Editor for INDEPENDENCE TODAY newspaper (a national publication dedicated to the needs & rights of the disabled). If there is anything I am aware of, its the daily struggles phyiscally challenged individuals face.
As a former Chaplain's Aide for a local rehab center, I'd tell those recently disabled with spinal cord injuries and MS, that the circumstances in their lives may have changed, but the quality of their lives hasn't. Life is what you make it. My grandmother always said: "When life deals you a bunch of lemons, make lemonade." I've made tons of lemonade and will continue to make more, I'm sure. What I've lived through has molded me to be who I am today, and able (with the grace of God), to see dreams do come true.
To all of you who are struggling with something in your life, take heart today. If you give up, you also give up any chance you have of achieving your goals. Hang in there...remember it's not over until you take your last breath...and then it's just doing things in another dimension.
Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

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