Sunday, January 21, 2007

Introducing -- Maggie Toussaint

Hello World! Maven Maggie Toussaint checking in and introducing herself. Our head maven has tasked us to tell three facts about ourself and being a writer doesn't count.

1. I grew up eating seafood for breakfast. My dad would cook dishes like brown oyster stew, squid, fish, crabcakes, whatever was on hand. He got up early, regardless of whether he was going fishing or not, and I often got up with him to hang out in the kitchen.

2. Which brings me to my next fact. I learned to drink coffee at a very young age. As I grew, though I had medical reasons to avoid caffeine, so now I say I got my lifetime dose early. After The Change, I could drink caffeine again, but now I like tea instead.

3. Bread is one of my favorite foods. But its restricted on The South Beach Diet, so I seem to be jonesing for bread these days.

Here's an unrelated trivia fact: in the South, macaroni and cheese counts as a vegetable. Weird but true.

Have a great week! Check in next Monday for more from Maggie

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