Thursday, January 25, 2007

Part of the Rose Garden

Hi everyone,

I am a new author in the garden of Wild Rose Press. It is a thrill to have a book under the Champagne Rose group. The name alone makes me think of white lace on the trim of a pillow meant for two, twelve red roses in a vase, chilled champagne by the fireplace, and a sweet chocolate truffle being fed to me by a hot sexy lover. Now, that’s a story that every woman looking for romance can enjoy.

The excitement of joining this group has made me look at the other beautiful roses in my life. What did Mac Davis say in his song? "You got to stop and smell the Roses." You can’t help but heed his advice occasionally. I am blessed with a great husband, wonderful kids, and a great group of family and friends that have believed in me. Their love and support blooms in my life everyday.

My passion is writing, the soft velvet petals of a rose. The thorns are the rejections, which have spurred me to be a better writer. My dream is to inspire my reader’s hearts with compassion and love.

I am very happy to be a part of the Wild Rose Press’ garden of writers.

Tina Gayle

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