Sunday, January 06, 2008

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Didn't some fairy tale heroine sing that? Was it Snow White? Well, here I am living out my dream. I am Jennifer Johnson. My book called "The Jinx" will be released this year some time in the Champagne Rose line. I'm really pushing the boundaries here with this book. Here are just a few reasons why: The hero, Rick, is a plumber. He's sexy (okay, that's not pushing the boundaries), but his pants don't show his butt crack, so that might definitely be something. Ellen Anderson, the heroine, decides frozen hamburger meat could be used as a good a weapon. Should one throw the meat hoping to hit the other guy on the head; or just use it like a bat? Also, the rabbit - is it four times as lucky as one rabbit's foot? It would seem so logically. I do have a hot tub scene in the book, but no sex in the hot tub - only a broken foot. How out-of-the-box is that? "The Jinx" is a fun and funny story; and I think anyone who reads it will have a smile on her face - several times.

I keep checking my little space out on the Wild Rose Press website to make sure I really am one of the authors on there. That is really nifty! My blog is When I figure out how the heck to get a website started, I'm sure I'll have one of those babies, too. Hello, to all of you cool people. I am thrilled to be here!


Refreshing One said...

Welcome to TWRP, Jennifer!

Your book sounds intriguing, and I wish you all the best with your sales and your writing.

Clover said...

Welcome, Jennifer. Love the crack about the, well, butt crack. You've got a fun sense of humor.

Kara Lynn Russell said...

This sounds great. I love a story that makes me laugh. And I know what you mean about checking the site to make sure you're really on there!