Saturday, January 12, 2008

Timeless Blue - Love across all boundaries and time

I think it's finally hit me that I have a short fiction piece coming out with The Wild Rose Press! I recently got my release date for my miniature rose entitled Timeless Blue: January 30th. And I'm sharing the good news with the world!

You can see my beautiful book cover over there to the left. The artist Nicola Martinez did an excellent job of showcasing the setting of the novel in the exotic, picturesque U.S. Virgin Islands in the backdrop.

Here's a little taste of what the story is all about:

While vacationing in the Caribbean one summer, Jordan Brentwood meets Renee Carlson, a woman who is instantly captivated by him yet keeps her heart heavily guarded. Jordan isn't used to chasing after what he wants, but something about Renee intrigues him.

Once Jordan realizes that Renee is his one and only love, he suddenly loses her in a car accident that changes his life forever. He falls back into his old womanizing habits, lasting until he is an aged man in his 70's. Technology has progressed and time travel is now possible thanks to a prosperous new corporation. Jordan is given the ability to find and save Renee, the woman he met on a beautiful paradise island in the Caribbean, while finally taking control of his future from under his proud father.

But can the past truly be changed?

Here's an excerpt of Timeless Blue!

Jordan grabbed the sides of Renee’s bare arms. “Look,” he said softly, looking into her eyes. “It is my business who I date and wish to spend time with. Not theirs. They don’t dictate who I date and they sure don’t dictate who I fall in love with.”
Renee’s eyes widened.
Jordan quickly removed his hands from her sides. Whoa, tiger. Where’d that come from?
“Hypothetically speaking, of course,” he said quickly. He watched her gaze return to the ocean as she wrapped her arms around her body.
“I just want to be careful.” Jordan took a deep breath as he continued. He watched her, studying her eyes which appeared to be deep in thought. If her thick wavy hair was away from her face, he could see her silhouette against the warm sunset.
He loved the way her forehead wrinkled in thought. The way she could just lose herself in the moment. He wanted to touch her. Even more so, he wanted to kiss her. Feeling a sign go off inside of him, Jordan slowly reached out to her. He slid his hand against her shoulders and smiled as he noticed Renee close her eyes. She was so soft. He wanted to bury himself in the nape of her neck and remain there forever. But for now, this would have to do.
Slowly he moved up to her cheek where she leaned onto his hand and he bent down to kiss her.
Jordan felt that first thrill he loved so much in a kiss. But this was more. Oh, so much more. The soft, floral and feminine scent of her skin claimed the sensitive nerves of his nose. He moved to allow his mouth to intimately caress her full lips. He took his time, and only when he felt her lips open to allow his tongue entrance into her did he slip his hand over her waist to pull her close.
Renee responded by wrapping her arms around his neck as the kiss grew deeper. Their tongues explored one another. They breathed in each other’s scent and Jordan felt the blood immediately run from his head as he hardened within his slacks.
A moan escaped Renee’s mouth, then Jordan’s, before she pushed him away. Her hand slipped over her mouth as she realized their actions.
“Renee, what is it?”
“I...oh, my...” She held up her hands as she shivered. “You’ve got to leave.”
“What? Why?”
“This wasn’t supposed to happen. You need to get out of here, Jordan. I’m serious.” Her voice was low yet firm.
Jordan quietly grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and wrapped it around her shoulders.
“If you need me,” he said softly, “I’m at the Villa de Rossi near the Hilton in town. There’s no gate or anything, so you can just come up and knock. I should be here until Friday. I’m sorry if I offended you and I hope we can see each other again before I leave.”
Renee said nothing as she stared at the ocean.
Reluctantly, Jordan turned on his heels and exited the patio. It wasn’t until she heard the door close that she finally released the tears she’d been fighting.

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Timeless Blue is Coming January 30th to The Wild Rose Press!


Jennifer said...

Wow! The cover is fantastic! Nicola designed my book cover as well. She's very gifted. Your story idea is very unique. I'll be looking for your book at the end of this month. By the way, LOVE your name. My middle name is Adrianna. I loved it so much, it's what I named my daughter!

Katie Reus said...

Love the cover and love the premise. This is so unique! We need more stories like this :) Can't wait until its released!

Adrianna Ravel said...

Thanks so much guys! It was a really fun story to write and explore with the characters. Nicola is definitely awesome! I'm printing some bookmarks with the cover and the colors are so vibrant they're literally jumping off the page!

Jennifer, I'll have to check out your cover as I'm officially a Nicola art fan now! hehe.

And how cool about the name Adrianna in your family!

Many thanks for your kind words, Katie! I hope you enjoy the story when it's released! I'm counting down the days. :-)