Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Timeless Blue is Now Available!

Yay! I'm so jazzed to announce that Timeless Blue is now available from The Wild Rose Press. It's a short and sweet little love story with a touch of spice and a little bit of time travel thrown in. So short you can probably read it on your lunch break. Hint hint! ;-)

I've teamed up with Coffee Time Romance for the month of February to host a goodie contest where you can win some books and some Timeless Blue promo goods. I'll be posting more information in the coming days on my myspace page:

So if you haven't added me yet, please feel free to send me an add request!

I love giving good stuff out to readers so be sure to keep an eye open for details on the contest because I'd hate for folks to miss out.

In the meantime check out Timeless Blue. My hero was inspired by a certain soap actor that I was recently introduced to. Viewers may recognize this fella if they're big superhero fans!

Yup! Justin Hartley himself. (Is anyone else's computer heating up at the moment?)

No other actor exuded such a confidence and self-assurance that matched the hero of my story Jordan Brentwood.

Renee Carlson was a little different. I saw her having a quiet strength with a fear to open her heart up to just anyone. She puts on a tough girl routine but ultimately, like most of us gals, she would love to be swept off her feet.

Senait Ashenafi who is best known as General Hospital's Keesha Ward was not only one of the gals in mind for Renee but the one who stood out the most.

So there's my little casting couch session for the story.

I hope you enjoy the journey of Jordan and Renee as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Until then,

Happy reading!

Adrianna R.

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