Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Dragon is Loose


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Gavriel Dimitrios, the dragon of Croatia, is loose and with vengeance on his mind. Stubborn Callie Stewart, the woman responsible for his release from the ancient stone tablet may be too cozy with the smugglers Gavriel has vowed to capture. She becomes entangled in a web of supernatural intrigue when she stumbles over an ancient stone tablet and unleashes the dragon of Croatia, who appears every 100 years to aid the island’s inhabitants in their fight against smugglers to protect their heritage. He came to her in a dark cave, a dragon within a man-strength and power define his features.

Their shared passion and deceit has the Adriatic Sea at a boiling point as they delve into caves and race across islands, into the very heart of danger.

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BTW. . . Thanks goes to Rae Monet for the great cover art . . . and she designed my new website--check it out when you get a chance! I can't help but feel so proud, LOL!

Valerie Everhart
Don't tickle the dragon if you can't take the heat

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