Saturday, January 05, 2008


Hello, Everyone! Happy New Year!

I'm not sure when my Faery Rose miniature, Unique Transformation, will be released, but I wanted to give you a brief excerpt from it. Will update you when I know more.

Have a great, successful, and prosperous new year, everyone!

Karla Dawson


He watched her for a long time from his crouched position behind a thick array of dense bushes. His scales blended well, so no one was aware of his presence, least of all the female human lying beside the cement water hole. She was scantily dressed, lying on her stomach on a long, brightly colored piece of cloth. Her eyes were closed, but the expression on her tanned face gave evidence of her contentment. Clearly, humans enjoyed the feel of warm sunshine against them, as did his own people. Already he could envision the female basking naked beside him on a large, smooth slab of nemana rock, a slate-like material prevalent in many areas of the tuberous mountains near his home.

A voice calling from the large dwelling in the distance stirred the human. Slowly lifting her head at the second page, she squinted in that direction. A moment later, she groaned and pushed herself up from the towel she had been laying on. She peered around to make certain she was alone before sitting back on her haunches to tuck her large breasts back inside her bikini top. She carefully retied its straps behind her neck. After a few adjustments, she seemed satisfied. Then, standing, she grabbed her towel and shook the dirt off it before grabbing her romance novel and empty glass from the patio furniture. At the third page, she reluctantly turned and proceeded towards the large, white house, angrily snatching up her cd player from the table on the way.

“Coming!” she yelled. “I’m coming.”

Then she gave a curious glance at the odd item she spied lying on the table, a queer bracelet made of three distinctly colored metals of unusual texture and design. Intertwined with some tiny green leaves and purple flowers shining with luminosity, it was the most lovely piece of jewelry she had ever seen. Carefully, she picked it up to examine it more closely, wondering at its origins and how it came to be resting there on the table. At another irritating page, Christine grimaced and stomped off, still holding the bracelet protectively in her hand as she did so.

The alien, for indeed he was, eyed the scene with a mixture of interest and disappointment. Granted, he was curious about the female, but he was unwilling yet to admit to his secret attraction for her. Compared to many of the female humans he had previously observed while on her planet, he found this one to be of exceptional beauty, even to one of his race. He wished she hadn’t been called away when she had for he had only just worked up the nerve to make his presence there known, although he knew she might be frightened at sight of him. Still, he felt so strongly drawn to this female that he knew he must do or say something at some point in an effort to establish a relationship with her.

He smirked at what his own men would say if they were to learn how long he had observed the female without making contact. Their sovereign had never shown cowardice before, they would say, so why now? Shaking his brownish-green head, he turned and slowly made his way back to his ship, which was hidden in the valley, among the desert sands, glad that he had at least dared to gently, soundlessly toss his gift for her onto the table before she left. As he sneaked away, he pressed the button on his wrist device, quickly vanishing from sight.

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