Saturday, February 09, 2008


Yup, I'm still unpublished, but the closer D-day gets here the more I break out in sweats and not the kind that make the swishing sound when you walk. I've heard your release date is great, but anti-climatic. I've heard some stalk their publisher's website just to see their cover on the lastest release page. (Me, noooo, I have no intention of doing that.)Since the only plans I have are to go out to celebrate with friends the next day I've been slowly losing my mind. Here's an example of a typical moment in my brain.

Oh, dear god, dear god. My books coming out soon.


What if no one buys it?

I have a book coming out. YAY!

What if only my mother buys it.

Well, it is a sale. Yay!

I need to do my hair.

Oh, dear god, dear god.

I'm going to be published. YaY!

On and on it goes. Publishing Limbo isn't for wussies, but somebody, please, take me out of my misery/uncontrollable joy.

Anyway, check out my blog to see that I'm actually your standard, abnormal writer, and about my month long contest. Or check out my webiste to read an excerpt of How Much You Want to Bet? Or a free story The Sixteen Year Itch. Okay, I'm done now.

Save a writer, buy a book

~Melissa Blue~


Clover Autrey said...

Ya, know, Mel. My mom doesn't buy my books. Claims she can't figure out how to order off the computer.

Mel said...

Well, you can always walk her through it the next time she visits or vice versa. Then what would that leave her with?

Just kidding. My mom expects every book I write to be signed by me as if she doesn't know who wrote it.

But then again she's actually buying the book. Who am I to complain?