Friday, February 15, 2008

Devil's Dance is released today!

Greetings everyone! If you are looking for something to steam up your weekend, my latest Scarlet Rosebud is out on general release today! I'm so excited!


How far would you go to fulfill every sexual desire?

As a sex therapist, Tessa Connelly is no na├»ve wallflower when it comes to sins of the flesh. Listening to her patients deepest, darkest desires, she knows there is something missing from her own mundane sex life. That something is a dominant, alpha male. Tessa’s most secret desire is to lose some of her tightly held control and be dominated by a handsome hunk.

Her devilishly handsome hunk appears in the form of Luc Campbell. After a chance meeting he offers her a deal - one month of sexual mastery. In return all she has to do is be his willing partner in anything he has to give her.

But accepting the offer from a green eyed devil is just the first step of her journey…

Happy Friday!


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