Sunday, February 10, 2008

"A Sigh of Love" is on the Virtual Bookshelves!

"A Sigh of Love" is on the virtual bookshelves! And here is a quick blurb:
Abbie is on her way to Anchorage, Alaska to meet George whom she has been corresponding by telephone for the past three months. George has repeatedly asked her to come up to Alaska for a visit so they can meet in person. Call her crazy, but Abbie makes airline reservations to fly from her home in Seattle up to Anchorage to meet George. She’s lonely. Why shouldn’t she make a mad romantic dash up to the last frontier to meet a man? She’ll just ignore the practicality and logistics of a long-distance relationship. When she calls George to let him know her arrival time, he chooses that awful moment to let Abbie know that he thinks they don’t have much in common after all and she should cancel her plane reservations. Abbie is stunned, humiliated and ashamed of the lonely desperation that drove her to make nonrefundable airline reservations to Alaska.

What to do? Abbie decides to go to Alaska anyway. A grouchy and depressed Abbie meets Tom on the plane, a tall, handsome anthropology professor who happens to be half Native Alaskan and half Caucasian. As the plane flies north, Tom and Abbie discover a mutual attraction. By flight’s end, Abbie is completely enamored of the stranger, and she doubts her judgment, perhaps even her sanity, as she finds herself falling again for yet another Alaskan male...until George shows up, that is.
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In celebration, I'm holding a contest on my web site at Watch the book trailer for "A Sigh of Love" and answer the question, "What does the handsome Native Alaskan man say?" E-mail me at and I will put you in the drawing for a free download of the book. The deadline is March 8, 2008.
I hope you enjoy!
Bess McBride


Teri Wilson, Romancing the pet lover's soul said...

Bess, I love your title and the book sounds wonderful. I will have to pick it up. I'm a sucker for anything set in Alaska. Good luck! Teri

Teri Wilson ~ Romancing the pet lover's soul

Molly Ringle said...

Hello Bess! I'm a new writer around here, but wanted to jump in and say I love the sound of this one. It reminds me of 'Northern Exposure,' one of my favorite (if discontinued) TV shows. Looking forward to checking it out.