Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Valentine's Day Contest - Come Join the Fun!

To celebrate *heart* day next week, I'm inviting you to participate in my blog giveaway contest!

The Rules:
1. Read my featured author interview at The Romance Studio this month.
2. Answer the questions below and email the answers to allieb@allieboniface.com.
3. That's it! I'll toss all the entries with the correct answers into a box, draw one name, and announce the winner on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2008 ~ next Thursday.

The Prize:
(I know, I know...what do you win?)
1. Two brand new books (yep, two!): The Sex on the Beach Book Club by Jennifer Apodaca and Critical by Robin Cook
2. Chocolate truffles (you knew there would be candy involved, didn't you?)
3. Free downloads of my 2 novels, One Night in Boston and Lost in Paradise
4. A collection of beauty products to treat yourself!

The Questions:
1. Where does Lost in Paradise take place?
2. Allie based the character of Eddie West on whom?
3. What writing project is Allie working on right now?
4. Who are 2 of Allie's favorite authors?
5. Besides writing, name 2 things Allie does in her spare time.

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