Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's wonderful to see so many new blooms in The Wild Rose Press garden!

Even the newest bud probably knows Halloween is the official date for appreciating our wonderful editors. I've always thought Valentine's Day was the perfect time to recognize how hard WRP editors work to be sure readers see only our very best work.

So ... here's a huge bouquet of virtual roses, a box of sinfully delicious but calorie-free cyber chocolates, and a great big THANK YOU for Roseann Armstrong!

I didn't forget the rest of you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Susanne Rose

Here's a quick excerpt from my Valentine story, "Lucki in Love."

I never had a chance to glance at the newspaper before I grabbed my pepper spray and headed for Dan's Diner, so I couldn't have told anybody the date even if it meant winning ten million dollars in the multistate lottery. All those fire-engine red ties and pink blouses should have given me a clue, but I didn't figure out it was Valentine's Day until Cupid walked in. "Lucki In Love," a Wild Rose Press Champagne Rosette "The Christmas Promise," a Wild Rose Press Champagne RosetteKeep the spirit of the holidays going strong and take advantage of this bonus offer: Just send an e-mail to the author: with "The Christmas Promise" in the Subject Line. You'll have to read the story first so you can identify the secret recipe when you send your e-mail. Santa will send you a copy of the secret recipe. "Forever Love," a Wild Rose Press Champagne Rosette

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