Monday, April 28, 2008


I am thrilled to announce my cover for PASSION IN PARADISE, Champagne Line, has been released. This is my first Novel for The Wild Rose Press and I'm so, so, excited.

I just love the cover. What do you think?

Here is the blurb, I'm sure you'll find it engaging.

Jacqueline Ryan's love belongs to only one man, Michele Ranieri, who left her with a broken heart. Five years later he's back, and she's determined to lay old feelings to rest. She wants closure on something she thinks is puppy love. But when she confronts him it escalates into full-blown love.
Michele Ranieri has always reserved a special place in his heart for Jacqueline. When stranded on a deserted island with her and having amnesia, he questions why they weren't more than friends.

A kiss in a freshwater stream has her reassessing her situation. Finding temptation at close range impossible to refuse, she forgets about her life back home. When rescued, reality hits. How can she explain she has a fiancé? How can he explain he's married with a son?

You can find the exerpt on my website:

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