Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Isanne's Revelation

Hello, tomorrow, The Wild Rose Press will be releasing my inspirational romance, Isanne's Revelation.
Lynda at Simply Romance Reviews did a review of this short story. I hope you'll have a look. Thanks, and take care, everyone. I wish you well. :) -Laura Hogg


Symon de Burgh is a knight in the fourteenth century. His family has taken ill with the Plague, and he is desperate to save them. His faith has been tested, and he carries serious doubts. But God sometimes answers prayers in highly unusual ways. An adventure to the future will lead Symon to a place where his faith or lack of it will make all the difference.


Here's a snippet of the review:
Truly Isanne’s Revelation is a wonderful heartwarming story of faith. The true feelings of the characters are realistic from the deep sorrow that Symon experiences to the angry refusal to forgive that Isanne carries around with her. But with their faith in God they learn that all things are possible.

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