Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best of Intentions is available now...

Nothing like being sick on your release day! Yep, my latest story with TWRP entitled Best of Intentions actually released last week, but I've been under the weather and unable to do much in the way of promotion. Well, this week I'm back and feeling better, so to celebrate the release (better late than never, right) here's an excerpt I hope you'll all enjoy.

Tess tossed and turned, twisting the covers on her bed this way and that. How was she supposed to sleep when every time she closed her eyes all she saw was the day’s earlier events?

Blowing out a frustrated sigh, she threw the covers off her and sulked toward the bathroom. Maybe a hot bath and a glass of wine was what she needed to relax. She removed the bottle of sweet pea scented bubble bath from beneath the sink and set the taps. Quickly she headed downstairs to pour herself a glass of red wine. As she fumbled through the cabinets looking for her favorite wine glass she stumbled across a small bottle stored at the back of the top shelf. Her fingers wrapped around the container and she held it in the light. It had been years since she’d been tempted to invoke the visions which would allow her to connect with Devin. Now as she held the tiny bottle of belladonna in her hand, her subconscious waged war with her desire. Hell, she wasn’t even sure the ingredients were still good or if she would even remember how to use it.

Tess set the container on the counter and moved to retrieve a bottle of wine from the rack in the corner of the room. She poured herself a glass, then without giving herself time to think about it, she plucked the dropper from the top of the bottle and placed two drops of the concentration into the red liquid.

Careful to return the bottle to its original hiding place, she then picked up her glass and went back up to the bathroom. She shut off the taps and set the glass on the ledge above the tub.

Candles! How could she forget she would need the candles? Had she remembered nothing he taught her? Tess scurried across the hall to her room and extracted the container from the bottom of the closet. Inside she found the white pillar candles still attached to their bases and a small jewelry box. She lifted the box out of the container and sat back on her heels. She’d completely forgotten about the necklace. Slowly, Tess removed the lid and set her gaze upon the stone inside. Even without removing it from the safety of the box, she could feel the amulet's power radiating toward her.

When she thought she’d finally managed to put Devin behind her, she removed the necklace and placed it in the box, unwilling to rid herself of it completely. It was only after she’d packed away the very things that kept them linked that she finally felt their connection begin to wane. She’d been sad to let it happen, yet she knew she’d never be happy as long as she stayed joined to him.

Five years later, it didn’t surprise her to realize she still wasn’t happy. With shaky hands, she removed the necklace from the safety of its home and fastened it around her neck. She let out a gasp as a feeling of ardor flooded her body from the inside out, then picked up the candles and incense stick and headed back to the bathroom.

She lit the candles and incense, then switched off the light and stripped out of her clothes. Once her hair was up and out of the way, she picked up the glass of wine and stepped into the tub. The water rippled around her legs and splashed against the porcelain as she settled beneath the bubbles. She sipped the wine, leaned back and closed her eyes; her mind immediately began to wander. She thought about Eric; and how hard he'd worked to give her the life she always wanted. It wasn’t his fault he wasn’t Devin. If she were being completely honest with herself, she should have never said yes to his proposal in the first place. Still, in her defense, she’d been a lot younger and desperate for the ‘real life’ Eric promised.

Her next sip of wine was more akin to a gulp and she sank further into the water, relishing in the relaxed feeling slowly infiltrating her muscles. Would it really be so bad to fall asleep right here in the water? Besides looking like a Shar-Pei when she finally climbed from the tub, was there actually any harm?

Her head tilted to one side as she set the wine glass back on the small shelf above her and she stared blankly at the candle atop the counter. The flame danced and twisted, enticing her to come closer. Though she never stirred, it moved toward her. Her lips parted slightly on a gasp when a nearly transparent picture began to form behind the flame. It grew more opaque with each breath and continued to come closer, engulfing the room around her until she was completely ensconced within the image.

Devin stood next to a Japanese style bed, a smile plastered across his handsome face. “I hoped you’d come back.” He extended a hand for her to take. She wrapped her fingers around his and he slowly tugged her to him. “I missed you, Tessa.”

Don't forget Best of Intentions is available now at TWRP. And if you're one who still likes your stories in paper form check out my romantic suspense entitled Ransomed Heart, available now at www.barnesandnoble.com

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