Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Buy Passion at an Exhibition and enter the Sony E-Reader Contest!

Hey Garden Enthusiasts!

PASSION AT AN EXHIBITION is a part of this season's Sony E-reader Contest!

It's easy!

At a quite reasonable $3.00 I might mention, and send the order number to: and you're entered!

Rating: Spicy!

Snapdragon at Long and Short Reviews had this to say about PASSION:

"Instead of Historical romance, read Hysterical romance! In "Passion at an Exhibition", Tori Anne's humorous approach to women and their empowerment is less about The Vote than one might imagine!

Lovely young Rosalyn sets about redesigning a gallery display at the MET, although she is tired and a bit disinterested. Dedicated as she is to the cause of the suffragettes in 1890, getting the vote is exhausting work, and it keeps her too late at evening meetings. She is, after all, chapter secretary, and can be forgiven for staying for every word... long after the 'official' meeting ends. To her very knowing friend Mrs. Crane, she must admit that sometimes indelicate things are discussed - things most definitely not political... but all that is quite beside the point when she discovers exactly whose new exhibit she is preparing the gallery for!

Loosen your corsets to take this one on! Rosalyn might seem prim and proper, but the contrast with her real self is the difference between the icy marble floor and the glittering-hot jewels of a Roman Intaglio gem, that grace the display.

Anthony Simms is absolutely the man for her, as she knows perfectly well, and assures her best friend Mary. She dreams about him nightly, hears his voice, and imagines... all of his majestic accoutrements. Of course, they've never met, so when Mrs. Crane casually announces he is due tomorrow, Rosalyn scrambles to prepare.

Will she give away her feelings, and worse - will they even matter? She struggles to find just the perfect way to present herself, from looks to attitude. She struggles with pretense, in one form or another. From the first blush, never mind will Anthony meet her expectations, what will he think of her? And, truly, this first meeting is only the start of the story.

Tori Anne has created an amazing, surprising, titillating story in the midst of a very unusual background. The window to the past is more like a frank window to passion. I give 4.5 books for this beautifully written, beautifully crafted - and crafty tale. Every surprise is more than the last... and quite a few of the scenes are... just plain Wow."

So check out PASSION AT AN EXHIBITION, send off your order number, and you just might win an e-reader! How neat is that?

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