Thursday, January 01, 2009

My First Book Tripping Through Time Is Released

Mr first book released by The Wild Rose Press is released today January 2, 2009 in digital format, and then on 3/27/09 in pring. It is a time -travel romance novel, a paranormal and part of the Faery Rose Line.
My story takes a young woman back in time one hundred years to the year 1869, when she puts on a Celtic ring with a spell on it. She finds the ring on the bottom of Lake Champlain, in Vermont. Finding herself in the past, she is immersed into the family of Ryan Wolf. My heroine Keealyn McCalley does her best to fit in and help, In the process she learns about herself, finds a family to help and to love, and a man who would help her overcome her fears and teach her that love is truly timeless.


What the hell…? She knew this wasn’t still in
some part of that nightmare trip she’d taken. It was
too real, the place too old-fashioned. She heard
crickets and saw lightning bugs twinkle outside the
window. A fly buzzed over her head and she listened
to a mosquito or two, droning in their search for the
rich, red blood beneath her skin.
She didn’t hear the blast of car horns, tire
sounds on pavement, or the grinding noise from
trucks changing gears as they flew up and down the
hilly countryside. It was so quiet, no music, no
talking, nothing. Then she heard a latch lift and
something large and furry jumped up onto the bed,
knocking the breath out of her.
Anxiety left her speechless as the light from the
open door spilled into the room and onto the bed she
lay in. The dog lay next to her, warm and wild
smelling, doing her no harm. The large figure
approaching her now made her breathless, anxious.
She knew it was a man; his silhouette was outlined
by the light behind him.
When he reached the bed, he bent toward her,
only to pick up the tiny piece of candle still barely
burning. He lit a stained-glass covered lantern and
placed it on the bed stand beside it. Keealyn stared
into a pair of green eyes that reminded her of misty
Clean-shaven, his thick, dark chestnut hair
flowed past the collar of his navy muslin shirt. It
was opened halfway down the front, to reveal a
smooth muscular chest. Very tall, lean, and brawny,
well-defined biceps, triceps, and pecs filled his shirt.
He had a slim waist and strong shoulders. His worn
blue jeans were held up with a handmade leather
belt, hung low on his hips. His skin seemed to glow
in the lamplight in a warm, bronzed tone.
He was gorgeous.

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Tami said...

The book sounds great and the trailer on your page is WONDERFUL! Congrats on the release!


Mary Ricksen said...

Thanks Tami! I appreciate the comment.

Bess McBride said...

Congratlations, Mary! Wishing you many happy sales!!!

Bess McBride