Friday, July 31, 2009

Civil War Romance Anthology Release Day!

My story, Angel of My Dreams, is part of an American Civil War romance anthology, Northern Roses and Southern Belles, coming July31st to The Wild Rose Press, along with authors Caroline Clemmens, Isabel Roman, Jeanmarie Hamilton, Jennifer Ross and Mary Ann Webber.

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In a country torn asunder--from the Canadian border to Texas, from Maryland to Arkansas, from the battlefield of Antietam to the Red River Campaign, brave men and loyal women see their lives turned upside down.

Peril lurks behind every tree and near every homestead, but the hard-fought love of a man and a woman surpasses all.

Six talented writers provide stories of romance and danger centering on Union and Confederate soldiers, spies, blockade runners, renegades, and battlefield nurses during a period of corsets, hoopskirts and gentlemen callers.

To give you a taste of the stories in this anthology, here's the blurb and a short excerpt from my story, Angel of My Dreams.

Civil War reenactor, Kyle Dalton, keeps seeing a beautiful woman on the battlefield tending to soldiers, he thinks she's another reenactor. But when she disappears into thin air, he starts to believe he's seen a ghost. Did he have a past life with this woman?


"Where am I?"

"Shh." She placed a finger on his lips. The scent of lavender invaded his senses.

He frowned when he realized he was lying on a cot wearing his reenactor clothing. Had he dreamed he’d come home?

"The doctor says you'll be fine. He dug out the bullet and stitched up your leg."

"My leg?" Kyle reached down. His pant's leg had been cut apart at the seam. Heavy bandages wrapped around his thigh."This doesn't make any sense. I twisted my ankle. It's fine now."

She took his hand and stroked his forehead. Her touch sent warmth and desire through his body.

"I have to know..." He swallowed. "...your name."

She smiled. "You haven't forgotten me already?"

" never told me."

"Of course I did." She leaned away.

He held tightly to her hand, fearing she'd leave again."Don't go."

Her hand dissolved. He couldn't hold her.

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Hywela Lyn said...

This sounds wonderful, Susan. I've just strted reading 'Erin's Rebel' and am throroughly enjoying it.

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks, Lyn! My story in the anthology is similar to Erin's Rebel, but the hero in this one has past life experiences.

Tori_Anne said...


Susan Macatee said...

Thanks, Tori!

We're all rooting for Civil War romances to take off!