Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Release Date

Okay, so I've got a release date for SOMEONE TO TRUST! It should be available the end of August. I'll post the definite date when I receive it. YAY!

I'm so excited! This has been a dream for so long and to see it finally become a reality is indescribable. I'll keep you posted. For now, I'm dancing around the room!

BLURB: Megan McCormick certainly hadn’t left Atlanta for the small mountain town of Laurel Crest looking for love. Far from it. She was running from her past and a broken heart when she was knocked over by the incredibly handsome veterinarian, Lee Grainger. Tired of the fast-paced life of the city, Lee is considering a permanent move to the mountains. His run-in with Megan has him believing he's there for more than a partnership in an animal hospital. After a case of mistaken identity is cleared up, Megan and Lee strike up a friendship. Lee is everything Megan ever wanted--smart, loyal and dedicated to his faith. But Megan has experienced deep betrayal twice. Can she come to terms with the secret that haunts her, get past her distrust of men and accept the love Lee offers?

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