Saturday, July 11, 2009

YES, PROFESSOR gets a top "You Gotta Read" rating!

YES, PROFESSOR gets a top "You Gotta Read" at You Gotta Read Reviews!

Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Gotta Read!


Patience Winters’ world is about to turn upside down. After two years as personal assistant to the stern and striking Professor Richmond at the Women’s Academy, her term is about to end. Achingly in love with him, Patience longs for the professor to give her a reason to stay. Desperate for some hint he might feel the same way, Patience steals a peek at her mentor’s secret journal and discovers his scandalous fantasies. But how can she let the professor know she’s in on his secret? Her typical breathless "yes, Professor" has never meant so much.

From Brynna:

"After ending her education at the orphanage, Patience Winters is offered a chance to further her schooling as assistant to the delicious Professor Devon Richmond. At the end of her two year term, she desperately wants to stay as more than his aide, but does he want her in more ways than one? A late night trip to his office to read his secret diary offers more answers than she bargained for. Will she answer "Yes, Professor" to his unvoiced desires?

Scorching, steamy and strangely laugh out loud funny at times, "Yes, Professor" is a quick, hot read that will leave you wanting more. I won't ruin it for you and give away the ending, but does Patience finally get her naughty professor? You gotta read it for yourself!"

Thanks, Brynna for your kind words and for the top rating!! Check it out at You Gotta Read Reviews!
Tori Anne

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